Tourism in the World Heritage Valley: WFG Rhine-Lahn

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Ems Pastilles, Staatlich Fachingen, Leifheit, Ebinger ceramics, Kaiser baking tins – famous names that confer a touch of international glamour on the Rhine-Lahn region as a business location. Nevertheless, most of the local population is employed in small and medium-sized enterprises. The Rhine-Lahn Business Development Corporation (WFG) has set itself the task of promoting these


The WFG is also interested in promoting the local tourist industry and the
so-called ‘soft’ location factors of the region between the rivers Rhine, Lahn
and Aar. Tourist bodies such as “Tal der Loreley”, “Lahn-Taunus-Touristik” and
“Lahntal Tourismus Verband” are not only partners with whom we cooperate,
they also receive our financial support. We publish thematic tourist maps on fortresses and castles, museums and collections, churches and monasteries, pilgrim routes (St. James’ Way) and cycle routes in the Rhine- Lahn district.
The Business Development Corporation also promotes local tourism in the form of special projects. Recently we have provided grants for the “Geopark
Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus” and for the marketing of the Lahntalwanderweg
hiking trail. The WFG pays particular attention to the marketing of the ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’ and ‘Roman Limes’ World Heritage Sites in order to secure additional income for the tourist industry in the local administrative district. Our activities in this area include grants for the longterm promotion of the Rheinsteig trail, the reconstruction of a small Roman fort at Pohl and the production of Limes information panels for the Limes Theme Day. We also provide a “hotel classification investment grant” and an investment
grant for skilled crafts firms. The WFG advises local firms on energy efficiency and renewable energies and advertises available business space and
commercial properties in the Rhine- Lahn district on the website: www.gewerbeflaechen-