Sparkasse: Good for the people in the World Heritage Region

Kreissparkasse Rhein-Hunsrück
Service und Beratung

As a regional credit institution we at the Kreissparkasse Rhein- Hunsrück have close ties with local enterprise. We know the different sectors, the stakeholders and the decision makers. We feel a strong commitment to the companies located within the region. Success in the market depends on our being receptive to new people and ideas, knowing how people tick, understanding how they live and what their needs are. Only in this way can we be sure that our palette of services is hitting the mark.

Our commitment to our customers and the local region is the basis for lasting,
valuable business relationships. We see the fulfilment of our public service
mandate not only as an obligation, but as the basic foundation of our business
policy. In addition, we play an active role in the community through donations,
sponsoring and through our social foundation. We provide targeted support for specific projects and initiatives such as the present World Heritage Atlas. In this way we can also pay tribute to the huge amount of unpaid, voluntary work done by many people in our region.
One of the highlights among our activities is the project “à la region!”. The
initiative was launched twelve years ago and is a real boost to our local region in every respect. It has progressed from a locally based marketing project to a movement and its effects are farreaching: “à la region!” benefits not only the suppliers, restaurateurs and wine growers, but the customers and guests as well. The Kreissparkasse Rhein- Hunsrück has been actively involved in this project right from day one. We see “à la region!” as an ideal instrument for
promoting small and mid-size businesses in the catering, wine-producing and tourism sectors, but the synergies which arise from the project affect a much larger sphere. “à la region!” has inspired the leading names in Rhine and
Hunsrück to join forces. Which is all the more reason to bank with the Kreissparkasse Rhein-Hunsrück. Good for the people. Good for the region. We are represented throughout the ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’ World Heritage Site with branches in Oberwesel, St. Goar, Bad Salzig and Boppard. We’d love to meet you!