Joseph Görres Memorial, Koblenz

Joseph Görres Denkmal in Koblenz
Joseph Görres Memorial, Koblenz

Joseph Görres was born in Koblenz in 1776 and is one of the most famous sons of the city at the confluence of Rhine and Moselle. He was among the most important historians and publishers of his time. In 1814 he established the Rheinische

Merkur newspaper in Koblenz. His critical attitude towards Prussia and the call for a new empire with greater press freedom, a constitution and citizens’ rights, meant that Görres’ newspaper was only short-lived. It was only much later, in

the year 1948, that the Rheinische Merkur was relaunched as a weekly newspaper. A monument in Görres’ honour was unveiled in 1928 in the public gardens on the Rhine, not far from the Electoral Palace.