Kulturhaus Oberwesel

2000 years in one day. Why not travel back in time and experience the fascinating history of the World Heritage Valley, not only outside under blue skies or by exploring all the historical castles, but also by delving into the area’s rich variety of museums.

Today’s museums have lost their dusty, antiquated image and now offer a colourful mosaic of natural attractions and surprises of all kinds, from a glittering jester’s cap to a terrifying medieval torture instrument. By comparison, even the set of Roman surgical instruments in Bingen seems much more inviting and the world seems a much friendlier place after a visit to the cuddly teddy bears and dolls at St. Goar, the timber rafting and wine museums, the French Modernists in Koblenz’s Ludwig Museum and the Blücher Museum at Kaub. Between Bingen and Koblenz there are a multitude of museums to suit all tastes, even if you have a passion for the Viennese coffee house chairs of Thonet, Boppard’s famous furniture maker. With their fascinating workshops, educational programmes, special exhibitions

and plenty of children’s’ attractions, today’s museums offer truly memorable experiences for young and old alike.