The Rhine's Castles

Down in the valley, water and rocks are one, whilst up on the hills the heavens embrace the stone towers that soar high above the fortress walls. There are more than 20 hilltop fortresses and ruined castles here, not including the noble residences and castles in the valley below. Their presence makes the landscape around the Loreley rock a truly majestic sight.

Burg Katz über dem Rhein
Katz Castle above the Rhine

A valley fit for kings

What a historical heritage! There can surely be no more obvious testimony to
the great importance of the Rhine Valley than the huge number of castles, fortresses and palaces to be found there. A river of such significance that no-one could pass by unhindered - a trade route too full of riches not to claim its share of the treasure. The UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’ can boast more than 40 castles and fortifications, not including its patrician dwellings and manor houses. A real Eldorado for fans of the Middle Ages who would love to slip into the role of a knight, lord of a castle or princess just for the day. Most of the castles are open to the public and invite visitors to come and learn more about life inside their thick defence walls. It is here that the movement known as the Rheinromantik finds its most perfect expression, whether it be the soft, melancholic atmosphere of an ancient ruin that beckons us, or the lavish furnishings and valuable works of art in a freshly refurbished landmark. Buildings have been erected here for over a thousand years and they are like mirrors, reflecting the different ages here on the Rhine and taking us from the tops of towers on the highest peaks right down to the damp dungeons of erstwhile robber barons. Let the adventure begin!