Wonderful views – dramatic glimpses

Seven Castles View above Sooneck Castle

The wonderful, often breathtaking views from the steep hillsides and the exhilarating panoramic vistas still have the same profound effect on today’s tourists as they did when visitors first came to the Rhine.

Whether seen from the Niederwald Monument above Rüdesheim or the Loreley View “Maria Ruh” near Urbar, from “Spitznack” near Bornich or the Loreley rock itself – the Rhine landscape is always glimpsed from a different perspective – and around every corner there are new and spectacular views to be enjoyed. The topography of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is perfect for causing that tingling sensation you inevitably feel when you stand with one foot on the edge of a precipice, and visitors are grateful for the protective barriers installed for their safety at all the exposed viewpoints. Suddenly all the boats and villages far below on the Rhine seem like part of toy town, whilst those looking down feel uplifted and slightly “out of this world”. These are those special moments when the eye can rest on the landscape below, savouring a bird’s-eye view from the same altitude as the kestrel and the red kite. All along both banks of the river you’ll find countless other places to stir the spirit and warm the heart. The Rheinsteig and RheinBurgenWeg are certified, well-signposted hiking trails and both provide ideal routes through the valley. Feel as free as a bird as you step out on the lofty pathway to your chosen destination, perhaps an ancient tower or a terraced vineyard, a hikers’ cabin with panoramic views or a spectacularr ocky outcrop.


Blick auf Oberwesel
View of Oberwesel
Blick von der Loreley
View from the Loreley