Schloss Stolzenfels
Stolzenfels Castle

Stolzenfels is a suburb of Koblenz. Towering above the village of the same name is Stolzenfels Castle, its prized possession, shimmering like gold in the rays of the setting sun.

More than any other group of buildings on the Middle Rhine, it reflects the mood of the 19th century and the spirit of Rhine Romanticism. Its roots go back to the High Middle Ages, but the crenellated castle complex only came to prominence after the ruins were restored in 1836. In 1823 the city of Koblenz presented the castle and its grounds to the Crown Prince of Prussia and future King, Friedrich Wilhelm IV, as a gift.
The castle was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style by the famous architect Karl Friedrich
Schinkel. The sumptuously furnished interior reflects the tastes of the 19th century. Another enchanting feature is the garden with its arcades and Mediterranean feel. Stolzenfels Castle is certainly one of the highlights of any
visit to Koblenz or the UNESCO World Heritage Valley.


Bahnhofplatz 17

56068 Koblenz






  • Stolzenfels Castle

Leisure Activities

  • Guided tours of the castle gardens


  • Festival of humorous poetry (May)
  • Castle concerts (July/August)
  • Weddings in the castle chapel (by arrangement)