Old town
Heinrich Heine
Heinrich Heine
View of the Loreley town

“I cannot divine what it meaneth, this haunting, nameless pain“ – this verse of the well-known Loreley poem by Heinrich Heine seems to have little to do with today’s town of St. Goarshausen and its main attraction, the mythical Loreley Rock. Instead of immersing themselves in melancholy, visitors prefer to wander along

the Rhine to admire the magnificent castles of “Katz”, “Maus” and Rheinfels. Even the ‘Tears of Loreley’ taste seductively sweet amidst these surroundings!

St. Goarshausen and the story of the beautiful blond maiden by the name of Loreley are inseparably linked, just like Heinrich Heine and Rhine Romanticism.

He was the author of the text which is even familiar to visitors from as far off as Tokyo. Here, where the Rhine is at its narrowest and deepest, the legendary rock rises up steeply to almost 150 metres above the Rhine. Together with its enchanting resident, it is the quintessential symbol of Rhine Romanticism. The rock and its plateau are visited by large numbers of Rhine tourists, eager to take in the breathtaking views of the Rhine Valley, visit the best known of Germany’s open air auditoriums and imbibe fascinating facts about the myths, personalities and magic of the river Rhine. The Loreley Visitor Centre will still your thirst for knowledge

and has a very well-stocked regional shop quite unlike an ordinary souvenir shop. You even have the chance to sample some of the delicious local fare on site.

Burg Katz und Loreleyfelsen
Katz Castle and Loreleyrock

Having found out all about the attractive young lady on the rock, why not take a look at the contemporary Loreleystatue down in the nearby harbour? Lost in contemplation, she sits at the head of the breakwater waiting for modern-day adventurers. But they are in holiday mood and prefer a cosy corner in one of St. Goarshausen’s cafés or taverns where they can sit and unwind and reflect on the day’s mythical and not so mythical experiences while enjoying a glass of Rhine wine or a delicious Loreley ice cream sundae.

Touristikgemeinschaft Loreley-Burgen-Str.

Bahnhofstraße 8

56346 St. Goarshausen






  • The Loreley Rock
  • Loreley Visitor Centre (Permanent exhibition on the World Heritage Valley)
  • Katz Castle (private)
  • Loreley statue (harbour breakwater)
  • Historical old town
  • Loreley museum
  • Clock museum
  • Leiselfeld nature conservation area

Leisure Activities

  • Themed tours
  • Wine trail


  • Loreley open-air venue
  • Fest der fliegenden Brücke (Easter Monday)
  • Wine Week (September)
  • Rhein in Flammen (3rd Saturday in September)
  • Rheinsteig gourmet tour (last Saturday in October)