The wine-growing community of Spay is situated on a sharp bend in the Rhine. In former times most of Spay’s residents worked as fishermen. Shipping on the Rhine increased during the 19th and 20th centuries and as the river had many treacherous rocks and sandbanks, a river pilot service came into being.

This provided jobs for some of the people of Spay. In the same way as the river Rhine and its shipping have changed, the pilots, too, no longer play any significant role. But boats are still a source of income. The Schottel shipyard
(SCHOTTEL – marine propulsion) has been supplying marine propulsion and manoeuvring systems to customers all over the world for over 80 years. Spay
has also made a name for itself among wine lovers, after all it produces some of
the best wines on the Middle Rhine. For many visitors, a stroll through the village with its impressive half-timberedhouses has its own, very special charm.
St. Peter’s Chapel at the entrance to the village is one the gems of the Middle
Ages. Its frescoes which date from the early 14th century include 20 biblical
images and cover all the walls of the chapel.


Am Viehtor 2

56321 Rhens





  • St. Peters Chapel
  • Old centre

Leisrue Activities

  • Kulturweg trail Brey-Spay-Jakobsberg
  • Ornithological trail
  • Pilgrims way


  • Rhein in Flammen (2nd Saturday in August)