Germania über Rüdesheim
Germania above Rüdesheim

More than any other town on the Romantic Rhine, Rüdesheim attracts visitors from far and wide. For many, the town is the embodiment of the Rheinromantik, wine tavern merriment and Rhenish joie-de-vivre of the World Heritage Valley. The vibrant, merry atmosphere of the Drosselgasse is the prime destination of every visitor to the town, but Rüdesheim has a whole lot more just waiting to be discovered.

Tempel im Ostein Park
Tempel im Ostein Park

Anyone viewing Rüdesheim from the river or the opposite bank of the Rhine will immediately spot the source of this historic community’s proud heritage: its prime vineyard locations such as Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland or Berg Schlossberg produce top quality wines. The former yields delicate, fruity and exceptionally mellow Riesling wines, whereas the Schlossberg is typified by exquisite vintages with a mineral character and sophisticated acidity. The spacious terraces stretch as far as Rüdesheim’s “Grande Dame” Germania, throning high above the town on the plinth of the Niederwald memorial. The impressive iron lady is a relict of the Prussian era and was personally inaugurated by the then Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1883. Visitors to the monument will be rewarded by a fascinating panoramic vista. There are majestic views of the Rheingau, the mouth of the River Nahe and the gateway to the Middle Rhine in the valley below, and on a clear day you can see as far as Rheinhessen and the Hunsrück.

Here at the Niederwald monument, the Ostein Park offers a most unusual hiking experience. At the end of the 18th century, Graf von Ostein created a veritable fairy tale forest here, erecting temples, an enchanted cave and a Knights’ Hall at the most beautiful vantage points. In the midst of the vineyard landscape to the east of the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein lies St. Hildegard’s Abbey.

Seilbahn Rüdesheim
Seilbahn Rüdesheim

From the vineyards you can walk or take the chairlift down to the colourful,

vibrance of the Old Town. Here the visitor can stroll through narrow alleys, past welcoming wine-growers’ taverns and aristocratic old residences with intricate

half-timbering. The Brömserburg is one of the oldest castles on the Rhine and today houses a wine museum. The more ‘spirited’ vine-based products can be found in the Asbach Uralt distillery. Its brandies are famous the world over and are among Rüdesheim’s trademarks, along with the International Christmas Market and the potent ‘Rüdesheim Coffee’. As you can see, there’s plenty to discover in Rüdesheim – not only the “Spirit of Wine”!

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  • Niederwald monument and Germania
  • Ostein Park with enchanted cave and temple
  • Wine museum and Brömserburg Castle
  • Ruins of Ehrenfels Castle
  • St. Hildegard’s Abbey
  • St. Hildegard’s parish church and St. Hildegard’s shrine
  • Old town and Drosselgasse
  • Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet
  • Medieval torture museum
  • Asbach visitors’ centre
  • Eagle centre and ponyfarm
  • Cable car rides
  • Yacht marina
  • Outdoor swimming pool (Asbach-Bad)
  • Miniature golf
  • Indoor swimming pool (Rheingau-Bad)
  • Boat trips on the Rhine
  • “Ringticket” (cable car,chair lift, hiking tour, boat trip)


  • Children’s Sunday in Rüdesheim am Rhein (May)
  • Magic Bike Rüdesheim (June)
  • Rhein im Feuerzauber (1st Saturday in July)
  • Rüdesheim Wine Festival (August)
  • World Heritage Celebration at the Niederwald monument
  • Federweisser Days (October / November)
  • International Christmas Market (November/ December)