The town’s towers

Oberwesel is aptly termed the ‘Town of Towers and Wine’. Even from far off, the town’s silhouette comprising the majestic Schönburg Castle, the red church of Liebfrauen (Our Lady) and the proud town wall with its numerous towers is very visible.


What better venue could there be on the Rhine for the medieval ‘Spectaculum’

which takes place every other year at Whitsun and turns the whole town into a vibrant medieval market place, full of the long forgotten sights and sounds of the Middle Ages? Oberwesel’s new Kulturhaus exudes the spirit of modernism, ingeniously combined with the charm of an old winery building. Locals and visitors congregate here for exhibitions and concerts and here, too, the story of the town is told in a refreshingly non-museum-like setting. The town’s greatest treasure is hard to miss and invites visitors to discover more about Oberwesel’s role in medieval times. There are some literally “outstanding” discoveries to be

made: a total of 16 defence towers still dominate the town, linked together by

the mighty medieval town wall, much of which you can walk along. From up on the wall-walk there is a good view conveying a far stronger impression of the town in its rich historical setting which includes Schönburg Castle and the two majestic churches St. Martin and Liebfrauen, each bearing witness to the town’s former greatness.

The town wall is one of the most important and best preserved medieval town

fortifications in Germany. The town’s castle and churches are definitely not to be missed. The slender, High Gothic Liebfrauenkirche is particularly impressive and fascinating. The interior simply takes your breath away with its ornate furnishings (rood screen) and gleaming Golden Altar - all masterpieces of Gothic architecture. And after relishing Oberwesel’s cultural heritage, why not treat yourself to a glass of fine Riesling in one of our comfortable wine taverns – after all, there must be a reason why one of the town’s best vineyards goes by the name of Goldemund – ‘Mouth of Gold’.

Blick auf Oberwesel
View of Oberwesel


Rathausstr. 3

55430 Oberwesel







  • Liebfrauenkirche
  • Schönburg Castle
  • Kulturhaus/Museum
  • Günderrode-Haus (Filmlocation for “Heimat 3”)
  • Town wall walk with defence towers
  • Historical town centre
  • Kunst im Turm
  • St. Martin’s Church
  • Bäckereimuseum

Leisure Activities

  • Climbing on the Oelsberg
  • Tours with the Night Watchman
  • Horse riding
  • Organ concerts
  • Romanticism tours
  • Geocaching
  • Abseiling and houserunning on the Steingasse tower


  • Weinhexenacht (‘Night of the Wine Witch’ 30th April)
  • Rhein in Flammen (2nd Saturday in September)
  • Weinmarkt (2nd and 3rd weekend in September)
  • Medieval Spectaculum (every other year at Whitsun, even years)
  • Aldegundismarkt in the Oberwesel forest (last Monday in July)