Altes Rathaus
Old Rathaus

A riverside location is an added bonus and the attractive Rhineside communities in the UNESCO World Heritage site are no exception. The town of Lahnstein even has an additional trump up its sleeve: it is situated at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Lahn. This is where Old Father Rhine meets the Rhine-Lahn Water Sprite or Nixe, and the visitor can experience a fascinating encounter with history.

Burg Lahneck
Castle Lahneck

With a population of about 19 000, the town is one of the largest on the Upper

Middle Rhine. Because Lahnstein was conveniently situated on the fiercely

disputed trade route it was involved in many wars during the course of which

it was put under siege and captured on numerous occasions. This resulted in

the erection of strong fortifications, including Lahneck Castle and the Martinsschloss, a former toll station. The town was enclosed within a protective

wall with ditches and 16 towers. Today, visitors to the town are urged to see the old Rathaus (town hall) dating from about 1500, the Johanniskloster, a monastery with a 12th century Romanesque basilica, and the medieval town wall with its battlement walk and Hexenturm (Witches Tower). Lahneck Castle is perched on the steep ridge between Lahn and Rhine. It was rebuilt in the 19th century in the English Gothic Revival style.

Goethe, the prince of poets, is said to have been inspired to write his poem

“Geistesgruss” (“A Spirit’s Greeting”)during a visit to the Wirtshaus an der

Lahn, an historical tavern. Alas, a visit to the town by a young British tourist, Miss Idilia Dubb, had a rather more tragic ending. The book entitled “The Diary of Miss Idilia” relates the circumstances surrounding her mysterious

disappearance in the former ruined castle. From the castle it is only a short distance up to the town’s hilltop spa and leisure area. Here, in a beautifully

verdant park and woodland setting you’ll find a wide range of health and fitness amenities. In the Lahn valley nearby hikers can explore the leafy depths of the Ruppertsklamm, a wild, romantic ravine. For a more leisurely outing, why not explore the river by motor boat or paddle up the secluded Lahn valley ‘Indian Style’ in a canoe.



56112 Lahnstein






  • Lahneck Castle
  • Martinsschloss Castle
  • Historical Wirtshaus an der Lahn
  • Altes Rathaus
  • Battlement walk and Hexenturm
  • Nassau-Sporkenburger Hof
  • Fastnachtsmuseum (carnival museum)
  • Heimatmuseum
  • Bergbaumuseum (mining)

Leisure Activities

  • Open air and indoor swimming pools
  • Thermal baths
  • Canoe trips on the Lahn
  • Miniature golf
  • High ropes course
  • Nordic walking course
  • Ruppertsklamm (gorge)
  • Boat charter


  • Lahneck Live Kulturfestival (May)
  • Rhein in Flammen (2nd Saturday in August)
  • Burgfestspiele (theatre – August / September)
  • Blues Festival (September)
  • Arts programme in Nassau-Sporkenburger Hof