Pegel Kaub
Kaub gauging station
Lotsendienst Kaub
Lotsendienst Kaub
Feldmarschall Blücher
Field Marshal Blücher

If you’re looking for one of the finest views of the Rhine in the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’, you need look no further than Kaub. Your souvenir photo will have all the elements of the perfect Rhinescape. The walls and towers of the town merge with the steep vineyard terraces above, leading the eye upward to Gutenfels Castle. Looking towards the river you’ll see what is probably the Middle Rhine’s most striking building: the toll castle Pfalzgrafenstein

on its island in the middle of the Rhine – this on its own would be worth visiting the Rhine for (and the photo, too, of course!)

On the Rhine, women play a leading role. Legends abound of the ravishing siren Loreley, the Seven Maidens and Elslein of Kaub. The latter was the daughter of a cannon-maker. It is said that using a mixture of cunning and courage, she saved her home town from siege in the 16th century. Although it was a town of river pilots, fishermen and wine-growers, Kaub was also a strategically important location on numerous occasions. On New Year’s Eve 1813/14 the Prussian Field Marshall Blücher crossed the Rhine here with his great army of 50 000 soldiers on his way to Belgium where Napoleon was defeated at the legendary Battle of Waterloo. The great general can still be seen in Kaub today. A monument to “General Forwards”, as he was known, stands in the public gardens by the Rhine and there is an interesting exhibition about him in the Blücher Museum. Every other year at Whitsun the past comes to life at the Blücher festival with historical re-enactments, costume performances and a bustling market.


Kaub and the local area have also played a curious political role in recent history, too. Between 1919 and 1923 the ‘Bottleneck Free State’ went down in post World War I history. It had its own currency, its own administration and its own smuggling trade. Today the town of Kaub is a far more peaceful place, although the boat to the island in the Rhine and Pfalzgrafenstein Castle is occasionally invaded by visitors from all over the world. Kaub remains, however, one of the best strategic locations from which to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Burg Gutenfels und Pfalzgrafenstein, Kaub
Gutenfels Castle and Pfalzgrafenstein, Kaub


Schulstraße 12

56349 Kaub






  • Pfalzgrafenstein
  • Gutenfels Castle
  • Blücher Museum
  • Blücher monument
  • Kaub water level gauging station
  • Lotsenmuseum (river pilots)
  • Cauber Madonna
  • Historic centre
  • Town wall walk
  • Motor scooter museum
  • Ceramics studio in the old slate mine

Leisure Activities

  • Gourmet wine tastings
  • Themed tours


  • Blüchertage (every other year - odd years)
  • Theatertage (July / August)
  • Winzerfest (September)