Marksburg über Braubach
The Marksburg above Braubach

What would the Rhine be without Braubach, and what would the old Rhineside town of Braubach be without its castle, the Marksburg? Together, river, town and castle form one of the most impressive ensembles in the ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’ World Heritage Site. In the past, many a Braubacher would wish he lived

up in the castle every time the Rhine flooded the lanes of the old town. But floods are all part and parcel of life on the Great River and it is the Rhinelanders’ easygoing, inventive and community spirit which has always saved the day.

Sometimes the town was threatened by the Rhine’s floodwaters, on other

occasions it was the knights and troops of enemy lords and territories that besieged the town and its castle. But history has looked favourably upon Marksburg Castle: as the only hilltop castle on the Rhine never to have been destroyed, its intact medieval charm still attracts visitors from all over the world. The castle garden with its medicinal and magical plants, the old castle chapel and the atmospheric castle kitchen are among the absolute highlights of any visit.

Einladenes Fachwerk
Einladenes Fachwerk

Some wealthy Japanese people have even treated themselves to an exact, full-scale copy of the castle back home in Japan, which is proof of how definitive and typical the Marksburg appears to many visitors. At the foot of the castle hill nestles the town of Braubach with its narrow, winding old streets. This idyllic half-timbered scene is infused with the joys of the vine. “Eck Fritz”, a quaint narrow corner tavern, is a favourite postcard motif. Parts of the old town wall and towers are still visible in places. Down by the Rhine, not far from the ships’ landing stages, you’ll find a pleasant promenade where a wonderful array of roses have been planted, giving Braubach an extra attraction and making it “the town of wine and roses”. And here’s a final tip for visitors: the three towering chimneys high up on the hill which were once a prominent sign of the town’s lead and silver industry

are not used to heat the vineyards, even if locals like to tell guests this yarn over a glass of wine!


Rathausstraße 8

56338 Braubach






  • Marksburg Castle
  • Obertor (Town Gate)
  • Philippsburg Castle
  • Historic old town
  • Bauernmuseum (Museum of Rural Life)

Leisure Activities

  • Miniature golf
  • Mountain biking
  • Castle trail
  • Horse riding


  • Rhein in Flammen (2nd Saturday in August)
  • Winzerfest (October)