Rathaus und St. Severus-Kirche
St. Severus Church and half-timbered houses

Sometimes you have to “bend over backwards“ to find the best ideas, and Michael Thonet of Boppard was no exception. Thonet, who was born in the town in 1796, was a carpenter who later became a furniture manufacturer. He experimented with wood, steam and pressure. Thonet’s efforts resulted in the creation of his famous bentwood furniture, including the classic “Viennese coffee-house chair”
which he developed and manufactured after relocating to Vienna.
Thonet and his Viennese coffee-house furniture are inextricably linked with Boppard and the romantic Rhine and they form the central exhibits of the town’s museum which is due to reopen in 2013.

Boppard is often compared to the French city of Nice and referred to as “Nice on

Rhine”. The climate is mild here and the town has more than its fair share of

sunshine and lazy moments. As far back as the 19th century, visitors praised the

town’s attractive riverbank promenade with its multitude of traditional hotels and historical buildings. Today, as then, the offer of enjoying coffee, cakes and refreshments in these attractive halftimbered establishments with their elegant

terraces of cast-iron filigree is very tempting.

Boppard is the departure point of many of the Rhine excursion boats, large and small, and is a popular overnight stop for river cruises between Basel and Rotterdam.

Roman Castellum

Whilst strolling through the narrow lanes of the old town, why not stop in
one of the small wine taverns and taste the wines from the Bopparder Hamm, the region’s largest vineyard site. The town has always been closely associated with wine-growing and there are many special wine-related events, including the Bopparder Weinfrühling, the spring wine festival. Your walk is also bound to take you past the excavations of the former Roman fort. The remains of the fort and
the mediaeval town wall bear witness to the town’s rich historical heritage. And
no tour of Boppard is complete without a visit to the church of St. Severus and the
Carmelite monastery church. Their architecture and rich interiors make them
two of the most important churches in the whole of the Rhineland.


Marktplatz (Altes Rathaus)

56154 Boppard






Sesselbahn zum Vierseenblick
Chairlift to the Vierseenblick


  • Historical old town and Kurfürstlicher Burg (Electoral castle)
  • Thonet Museum
  • Roman Castellum
  • St. Severus Church
  • Carmelite Church
  • Viewpoints Vierseenblick and Gedeonseck

Leisure Activities

  • Chair lift
  • Klettersteig (via ferrata)
  • Bikepark
  • Open air and indoor swimming pools
  • Hunsruck railway
  • Golf course, miniature golf


  • Middle Rhine Weinfrühling (April)
  • Rheinuferfest (July)
  • Boppard Kulturfestival (Spring and Autumn)
  • Zwiebelmarkt (September)
  • Boppard Weinfest (September)