Bingen mit Burg Klopp
Bingen with castle Klopp

Quite a sight! Situated at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Nahe, Bingen not only offers a variety of stunning views, but was also the home of the Blessed Hildegard of Bingen, probably the best known visionary of the Middle Ages. She was held in great esteem by both Emperor and Pope and like the town of Bingen, she has lost none of her relevance or vitality over the centuries - right up to the present day.

Nahemündung und Mäuseturm
Nahemündung and Mäusetower

Hildegard heeded the call to “write down what you see and hear” and thus

much of her knowledge about spirituality, life and the art of healing has survived. On the nearby Rupertsberg, the last traces of what was once her convent can still be seen. The Museum am Strom is dedicated to the life and works of Hildegard of Bingen. One of the museum’s other highlights is the world’s only surviving set of Roman surgical instruments. There’s a lot to discover in and around Bingen. The notorious Mouse Tower, for example, which stands on a rock in the Rhine, was once a toll tower and, as legend has it, the last refuge of an evil bishop when he

was pursued there by a horde of mice. In the end it was all to no avail, as the

merciless mice devoured him alive. Bingen was ravaged by a different kind of pestilence in the 17th century: the Plague.


In their anguish, the people of Bingen consecrated the chapel on the Rochusberg in the year 1677. In 1814 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was among those who attended the annual feast day in honour of the plague saint Rochus. Then as now, people must have enjoyed the fine wines from Bingen’s Rheinhessen vineyards. Nowadays the juice of the vine flows in copious quantities for eleven days during Bingen’s Winzerfest (vintners’ festival) – the lengthiest festival of its kind on the Rhine. In fact Sekt (German champagne) and wine play a lively role in the town’s calendar, after all, it was in Bingen-Dromersheim that the first Eiswein in history was produced in 1830. It’s hardly surprising that in addition to wine, music, too, has a strong tradition in Bingen.

The international Bingen Jazz Festival and the annual series of Meisterkonzerte

bring rhythm to the banks of the Rhine. In contrast there is the quieter, yet equally fascinating option of a visit to the Rheinauen European Nature Reserve

with its nature trail and conservation centre.

Burg Klopp
Klopp Castle
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen


Rheinkai 21

55411 Bingen am Rhein

 06721 184-201 / 184-205





  • Mäuseturm
  • Burg Klopp
  • St. Martin’s Basilica
  • Drusus Bridge with Bridge Chapel
  • St. Rochus Chapel
  • Historisches Museum am Strom
  • Stefan George Museum

Leisure Activities

  • Nordic walking park
  • Themed tours
  • Indoor adventure pool “Rheinwelle”with sauna landscape
  • Nature adventure pool
  • Yacht marina


  • Bingen Sekt Festival (May)
  • Nacht der Verführung (May)
  • International Jazz Festival “Bingen Swingt” (last weekend in June)
  • Der Rhein im Feuerzauber (1st Saturday in July)
  • Bingen Winzerfest (end of August/beginning of September for 11 days)