Red is the traditional colour of this old wine-growing community at the southern gateway to the Valley of the Loreley. From the terraced vineyards above the town there are picture postcard views over a sea of slate roofs and the Gothic parish church. From up here it is also easy to see the reason for the town’s special affinity with the colour red: The wine growers of Assmannshausen are particularly well versed in the production of red wine – it is their passion. The town is famous as the “Red Wine Island of the Rheingau”.

Here at Assmannshausen, heaven and hell lie side by side. The Höllenberg

(“Hell’s Mountain”), the prime site for fine Spätburgunder (pinot noir) wines, is

not only famous for the fiendishly good red wines grown there, but it is also the

best known landmark of this romantic Rhine town at the gateway to the World

Heritage Site ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’. The narrow streets of the old town

nestle close to the vineyard slopes and around into one of the Rhine’s tributary

valleys. A stroll past half-timbered gables and wine cellars will reinforce

the visitor’s impression of Assmannshausen as the archetypal romantic Rhine town. Whereas the town centre has ancient nooks and crannies which have evolved over the centuries, the Rhine front with its traditional hotels and cafes exudes an almost sophisticated air.


In the 19th century Assmanshausen was also a health spa thanks to its hot mineral spring, so it wasn’t only the famous red wine that attracted men of letters such as Freiligrath and Geibel to the town for their intellectually stimulating tête-à-têtes.The history of the venerable Hotel Krone goes back over 450 years. This was where the high society stayed (and still stays). Here they took their promenades, ventured out on excursions and enjoyed the medicinal benefits of red wine, which were suspected even in those days. Today one is spoilt for choice with a whole string of fine hotels and restaurants inviting one to while away a happy hour or two on their flower-covered Rhine verandas. A chair lift will whisk you up to lofty heights to visit the former Niederwald hunting lodge with its Red Deer park and extensive network of hiking trails leading to the Niederwald memorial. Yes, it has to be said that in Assmannshausen heaven and hell lie enticingly close together!


Geisenheimer Str. 22

65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein






  • Town centre
  • Niederwald

Leisure Activities

  • Chair lift
  • Red Deer park
  • Boat trips on the Rhine
  • “Ringticket”(cable car, chair lift, hiking tour, boat trip)


  • Assmannshausen in ROT (June)
  • The Höllengassen Party (August)