Specialities from the Middle Rhine Valley

Rheinischer Vesperteller
Rheinischer Vesperteller

A real potpourri. The cuisine to be found on the Middle Rhine today is a successful synthesis of products from traditional local suppliers such as fishermen, winegrowers, hunters and farmers and the culinary tastes of past generations of visitors to the Rhine who were often occupation forces as well.

Whereas the Romans established wine growing, it was the French in particular,
who repeatedly influenced and ultimately improved the region’s eating habits. “French Soup”, for example, is like taking a walk through the local kitchen garden. The Prussians brought military discipline to the area, but it is not quite clear whether they were also responsible for the prominent role of the potato along the Middle Rhine and in the hills above. It is however certain that Frederick the Great, also known as “Old Fritz”, personally persuaded his subjects in Brandenburg of the humble potato’s merits. The potato is the central ingredient in many traditional dishes including Himmel un Äd. Today the fields, forests and meadows along the Middle Rhine produce a delicious abundance of quality foods. There’s everything from free-range chicken and naturally reared beef and pork to deliciously aromatic game - the quality- conscious visitor is spoilt for choice. Wine growers and farmers often sell their range of home-grown produce direct from the farm. The region’s sausage, meat and dairy products still have a typical, local flavour. It’s all deliciously tempting and just waiting to be sampled!

Mittelrhein Momente

Local restaurateurs and wine growers have been cooperating successfully for

many years to offer guests a dazzling array of events that combine culinary delights with cultural highlights.


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