67 Kilometres of World Heritage on the Rhine!

The UNESCO Site ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’ is 67 kilometres long – 67 Rhine kilometres, to put it more precisely. The site stretches from Rüdesheim at Rhine kilometre 526 to the city of Koblenz at kilometre 593.

Anfang und ...
... Ende des Welterbetales

These kilometre ‘Rhinestones’ along the river are very visible, even for “landlubbers”. They signpost the way – not only for captains and their vessels, but for visitors and locals, too, and they are now playing an important role in the information, wayfinding and orientation system of the World Heritage valley. Admittedly, the 67 kilometres of the ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’ World Heritage Site only constitute about 5 per cent of the entire course of the river which stretches from the Alps to the North Sea, but this section is widely considered to be the most dramatically beautiful part of the whole Rhine valley – and deservedly so!