It stretches from Rüdesheim and Bingen in the south to Koblenz in the north. A mere 67 kilometres in length, the UNESCO site covers only about five per cent of the Rhine’s entire course, but it is widely recognized as the most beautiful stretch on the whole river between the Alps and the North Sea.

The ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’World Heritage Site starts in Rüdesheim at Rhinekilometre 526 and ends in Koblenz at Rhine kilometre 593.


The natural and the cultural landscape, the fortresses and castles: everything

here still exudes the true essence of the ‘Romantic Rhine’. There are museums,

churches and events to enjoy, as well as the hospitality of our hotels, guest houses, holiday flats, restaurants and wine taverns. Hiking, cycling tours and

boat trips on the Rhine are only some of the highlights for those who prefer an

active holiday.

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