Plants and animals

About one third of all Germanyís known plant and animal species have

established themselves here. Many of the species originate from the Mediterranean region or from the grasslands of South-East Europe. They once migrated here along river valleys running south, south-west and south-east during warmer periods following the last Ice Age.

Harsher climatic conditions forced them to take refuge in the warm areas of the Middle Rhine Valley where they survived. Here, many species reach the northern and north-western limits of their distribution area. Specific animal species include the Green Lizard, the Red-winged Grasshopper, the Swallowtail butterfly, and the Praying Mantis. Some of the more notable plants are the Montpellier Maple, the Rustyback Fern, St. Bernardís Lily, and different varieties of Feather Grass. This is the only habitat of the Boppard Candytuft.