A float on the great river

"Cäcilia" und Festung Ehrenbreitstein Koblenz
The paddle steamer “Goethe“ in front of the Marksburg

The Rhine would only be half as attractive if it weren’t for the great mass of pleasure steamers, cruise vessels and ferries afloat on its waters. The white fleets are undisputedly the most pleasurable and impressive way to explore the romantic Rhine.

Gently, as if on a canvas, the views of castles, vineyard terraces and historical

sites float past the eye of the beholder. A new vista around every bend, moments of excitement and anticipation which take many visitors back to their childhood days. The numerous stop-off points offer plenty of opportunities to break the

journey and do some more exploring on land. Those who prefer to while away a

few pleasant hours on board will enjoy a front row seat and excellent hospitality.

Enjoy the food and the wine while you relax, dream and watch the world go by - in the words of the old German folk song: “that’s why it’s so beautiful down on the Rhine!”