Events in September

526 Winzerfest, Bingen

Bingen’s ‘Winegrowers’ Festival’ is the longest event of its kind in the Rhine Valley. Eleven days of partying, dancing, Schunkeln* and laughter. *Link arms with your neighbours and get into the spirit of things!


Each year at the beginning of September


526 > 543 Rheingau Musik Festival

With over 120 000 visitors every year, the Rheingau Music Festival is one of the leading events of its kind and at the same time it is the largest, almost entirely privately-funded music festival in Europe. Around 148 music events including classical chamber concerts, symphony concerts and oratorios as well as open air concerts and Kabarett evenings take place between Frankfurt/Wiesbaden and Lorch am Rhein.


Each year from the end of June to the beginning of September


538 > 541 Kulturtage, Lorch

Lorch’s ‘Cultural Days‘ have now become an annual fixture in the local festival calendar. Visitors are treated to theatre productions, concerts, exhibitions, a wine fair and a feast of culinary delights.


Each year at the end of September/Anfang Oktober. Auskunft erteilt der Kultur- u. Heimatverein  06726-528

550 Die Nacht der 1000 Feuer

The Night of 1000 Fires’ each year on the second Saturday in September |

555 > 556 Rhein in Flammen

St. Goar / St. Goarshausen:
Each year on the third Saturday in September |

557 Weinforum Mittelrhein/Ahr

Guests have the choice between everything from Winzersekt* to sweet Beerenauslese or Eiswein. The Weinforum Mittelrhein/Ahr offers wine-lovers the unique opportunity to taste 100 of the best wines of both regions. Besides wine and Sekt, the Weinforum also presents another of the region’s top products: prize-winning distilled beverages, which round off the tasting session. A range of culinary delicacies is also served.

* a vintners’ vintage varietal sparkling wine


Each year at a weekend in September


570 Zwiebelmarkt, Boppard

The traditional onion market goes back to the late Middle Ages when onion growers from a nearby island in the Rhine sold their onion crop in Boppard. Today you can still buy onions, but there are many other products on sale as well. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle around the market stalls which are set up along the Rheinallee in front of the big hotels and in the market square.


Each year in the second week of September on Wednesday and Thursday


585 Blues Festival, Lahnstein

This long-standing Blues event covers a remarkably broad spectrum that embraces new trends as well as the Blues traditions of international artists and home-grown talent. A regular fixture for over 25 years now, the festival has an international following of Blues fans from near and far.


Each year in September


585 > 593 Skatenights, Koblenz

On five separate evenings, the city on Rhine and Moselle becomes a paradise for inline skaters who can glide along attractive routes, enjoying a unique sense of freedom. These trendy ‘Skatenights‘ are made possible through the expertise of the “Skate-On” school of inline skating and the dedication of the Sportbund Rheinland-Pfalz. They are no longer just a local event, but attract skaters from all over the Rhine-Moselle region.


Five evenings from May to September


592 Schängelmarkt, Koblenz

This market is named after one of Koblenz’s originals - the cheeky rascal known as “Schängel”. It has become the largest traditional and market festival in the north of Rhineland- Palatinate. The traditional artisans’ and craft markets take place at the same time as the Schängelmarkt.


Each year in mid September